I gave a series of talk at various places on using online social interactions to understand human behavior: Online Social Interactions: A Lens on Humans and a World for Humans. [Slides]

I gave a talk at AI seminar, Cornell University: It takes two to tango: Understanding the effects of language via "natural experiments". [Slides]

I gave a survey on machine learning interpretability at MLDG on Aug 15, 2013. We had a very nice discussion. Here are the slides. [Slides]

I attended CAOSS (Computational and Online Social Science) 2012 in NYC. I wrote a brief summary containing the works covered in the workshop. [PDF]

I have been living in Telluride House for two years. It has been quite an enriching experience to live with people from various backgrounds.

My hometown is Jingdezhen. It is known as the "Porcelain Capital" for producing quality pottery for 1700 years.