I want to work with you, and I'm currently a student at the University of Colorado. How do I do that?

  • Feel free to send me an email with your CV and transcripts! Prerequisites include math/CS backgrounds (e.g., algorithms, probability, statistics, and linear algebra), programming skills (e.g., Python, Java, C/C++, and JavaScript), and interests in thinking about language, human behavior, and data (maybe at least skimming some abstracts of my papers)! It would be great if you have taken a course in natural language processing or machine learning.

I want to work with you, and I'm not currently a student at Colorado. How do I work with you?

  • It would make sense to apply to be a student at Colorado and mention me specifically in your application. Please drop me an email with your CV to let me know that you applied (put GRADAPP-20XX in the subject). I may not reply, but it's still very useful!
  • For short-term visits, e.g., summer interns, send me an email with your CV, transcripts and research interests (put INTERN-20XX in the subject).

This FAQ is adapted from Jordan Boyd-Graber.