Slides for Human+AI conference in 2022

Jenn Wortman Vaughan, Some Very Human Challenges in Responsible AI

Berkeley Dietvorst, Aligning algorithms with people's prediction preferences

Krzysztof Gajos, Human Cognitive (Dis)Engagement During AI-Assisted Decision Making

Danny Oppenheimer, Decision Science the Age of Augmented Cognition

Marc Berman, Using Theory, Sensors, and Machines to Quantify the Nature of Social Interactions

Invited talks

Towards Human-Centered AI: Understanding and Improving Human Decision Making through Explanations.

  • Columbia University, 2023.
  • Georgia Tech, 2023.
  • MIT, 2023.
  • University of Washington, 2023.
  • Machine Learning in Economics Summer Institute, 2023.

Three Lessons Towards Human-Centered Explanations. Keynote at the Artificial Intelligence & Human Computer Interaction workshop at ICML 2023.

The Future of AI is Human-Centered. Keynote at the Research Day at the Governors State University, 2023.

Towards Human-Centered Explanations of AI Predictions.

  • Stanford University, 2023.
  • Cambridge University, 2023.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, 2023.

Tutorial on Human-Centered Evaluation of Explanations. NAACL 2022.

Towards Human-Centered Explanations of AI Predictions.

  • University of Pennsylvania, 2022.
  • University of Toronto, 2022.
  • New York University, 2022.
  • University of Texas at Austin, 2022.
  • TTIC, 2022.

Language, Information, and Decision Making.

  • Machine Learning in Economics Summer Institute. 2022.
  • Brown Bag at Booth Healthcare Initiative. 2022.

Why are Explanations Falling Short of their Promises? AAAI workshop on Explainable Agency in Artificial Intelligence. 2022.

Towards Human-Centered AI: Complementing Humans with AI. The Academic Fringe Festival on Designing at Scale with Human-AI Collaboration. 2022.

Characterizing the ``Value'' of Information, Toyota Technological Institute, 2021

Towards Human-Centered AI: Harnessing Explanations to Improve Human Decision Making

  • University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2021.
  • Lunch for CAPP at the University of Chicago, 2021.

Towards Human-Centered AI: Harnessing Explanations to Improve Human Decision Making in Discovery Tasks, the second ELLIS HCML workshp at ICLR, 2021

Towards Human-Centered AI: Understanding Human Production and Consumption of Explanations

  • University of Maryland, 2021
  • University of Michigan, 2021

Towards Human-Centered AI: Understanding Language in Social Contexts

  • University of Chicago, 2020
  • CMU, 2020
  • Google, 2020
  • Microsoft Research, 2020
  • Yale University, 2020
  • UIUC, 2020
  • University of Washington, 2020

Towards Human-Centered AI: Harness AI to Improve Human Decision Making

  • Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago, 2020
  • Tsinghua University, 2020
  • USC AI Rising Stars Symposium, 2019.

Towards Human-Centered AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Natural Language Processing in Policy, Deploying Machine Learning Tools for Public Policy Impact, APPAM pre-conference workshop, 2019

The Promise of Human-centered AI for Addressing Challenges in Literacy, Facebook, 2019

Towards Human-Centered AI: Understanding Language in Social Contexts, ASAPP, 2019

The Future of Brand Engagement: Community, Trust and Digital Discourse, Reddit, 2018

Towards Understanding and Generating Language for Effective Social Interaction

  • Caltech, 2018
  • Boulder NLP meetup, 2018

It Takes Two to Tango: Understanding the Effects of Wording through Online Interactions

  • Fudan University, 2018
  • Toutiao AI Lab, 2018
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, 2018
  • Zhejiang University, 2017

Wandering Individuals and Emerging Communities in a World of Communities

  • Tsinghua University (Sociology), 2018
  • INFO/HCC Seminar at University of Colorado Boulder, 2017

Winning arguments: Interaction dynamics and persuasion strategies in good-faith online discussions

  • the 24th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, 2018
  • Colorado Data Science Team, 2017

Characterizing the Ecosystems of Ideas in Texts[(long version)]

  • Quantitative Methods Workshop, 2018
  • Summer Institute in Computational Social Science, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018
  • Tsinghua University, 2018
  • Computational Semantics Group Seminar, 2017
  • UW-MS NLP Symposium, 2017

Guest lecture on "Computational Pragmatics" in CSEP 517

Phrasing Matters: An Interactive Session on Message Virality Based on Twitter

  • the 24th Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference, 2018

Online Social Interactions: A Lens on Humans and a World for Humans

  • MIT EECS, 2016
  • CMU Computer Science Department, 2016
  • CMU Heinz College, 2016
  • Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, 2016
  • University of Michigan, 2016
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, 2016
  • Rice University, 2016
  • Northeastern University, 2016

It takes two to tango: Understanding the effects of language via "natural experiments"

  • AI Seminar, Cornell University, 2014

More than Accuracy: Interpretability

  • MLDG, Cornell University, 2013

User-level Sentiment Analysis Incorporating Social Networks

  • Tsinghua University, 2011
  • Microsoft Research Asia NLP group seminar, 2011

Conference talks

Talk it up or play it down? (Un)expected correlations between (de-)emphasis and recurrence of discussion points in consequential U.S. economic policy meetings at Text as Data 2016

Winning Arguments: Interaction Dynamics and Persuasion Strategies in Good-faith Online Discussions at WWW 2016

Lost in Propagation? Unfolding News Cycles from the Source at ICWSM 2016

All Who Wander: On the Prevalence and Characteristics of Multi-community Engagement at WWW 2015

The effect of wording on message propagation: Topic- and author-controlled natural experiments on Twitter at ACL 2014

A Corpus of Sentence-level Revisions in Academic Writing: A Step towards Understanding Statement Strength in Communication at ACL 2014

On the Interplay between Social and Topical Structure at ICWSM 2013

Instant Foodie: Predicting Expert Ratings From Grassroots at CIKM 2013

To Each His Own: Personalized Content Selection based on Text Comprehensibility at WSDM 2012

User-level Sentiment Analysis Incorporating Social Networks at KDD 2011

Social Action Tracking via Noise Tolerant Time-varying Factor Graphs at KDD 2010