I am an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. I am also affiliated with the Harris School of Public Policy. I direct the Chicago Human+AI lab (CHAI) (). You can learn more about my life trajectory here.

My main research interests include

  1. Language and social dynamics.

  2. Human-centered machine learning, how we can use machine learning to empower humans and augment human intelligence such as enhancing creativity and avoiding behavioral biases, e.g., human predictions along a spectrum between full human agency and full automation, human preferences of task delegation to AI, and creative writing with a machine in the loop, and the meta question of what tasks humans would like to delegate to AI systems, and to what extend.

  3. Multi-community engagement, how a person interacts with multiple communities and how communities relate to each other, e.g., users' life trajectories, community genealogy, and migrant integration in urbanization.

I am also broadly interested in natural language processing, computational social science, and artificial intelligence. Here is my CV.


I am always looking for motivated postdocs and PhD students who are interested in NLP, human-centered-AI, data science, computational social science, or machine learning! Please read this FAQ before contacting me.

Reviewing requests:

I am declining all new reviewing invitations until 2022. Unfortunately, I have over-committed myself to reviewing/organization service. I will need the time to read these interesting submissions in my queue.

Demo systems:

If you want to learn more about my research, check my papers. And kudos to all my collaborators!