I am a postdoctoral researcher at University of Washington, working with Noah Smith. In August 2017, I will be starting as an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at University of Colorado Boulder.

Before moving to Seattle, I spent wonderful years at Ithaca working with Lillian Lee and many others, and obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science at Cornell University. Originally, I am from Jingdezhen, China and lived in Beijing for four years while studying Computer Science and Economics at Tsinghua University.

There are two themes in my research: 1) social aspects of language, how language influences social interaction and how language functions as a lens on social dynamics and human culture; and 2) multi-community engagement, how a person interacts with multiple communities and how communities relate to each other. I am also broadly interetested in computational social science, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Here is my CV.

I am looking for motivated students that are interested in NLP, data science, computational social science or machine learning! Please read this FAQ before contacting me.

Here are three representative papers in the past three years:

If you want to learn more about my research, check my papers. And kudos to all my collaborators!