I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at University of Colorado Boulder. You can learn more about my life trajectory here.

There are two themes in my research: 1) social aspects of language, how language influences social interaction and how language functions as a lens on social dynamics and human culture; and 2) multi-community engagement, how a person interacts with multiple communities and how communities relate to each other. I am also broadly interested in computational social science, natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Here is my CV.

I am looking for motivated students who are interested in NLP, data science, computational social science or machine learning! Please read this FAQ before contacting me.

New: We are releasing TReMoLoop that allows to revise your message with machines in the loop. Try to write a slogan! You can also use retweetedmore to try out your tweets.

Here are three representative papers in the past three years:

If you want to learn more about my research, check my papers. And kudos to all my collaborators!